Pneumonia and Its Complications with treatment

Pneumonia and Its Complications with treatment


Pneumonia and Its Complications are very common and known to almost everybody. Today we discuss this disease which is very common in humans, animals, and pet birds we also discuss signs and symptoms and treatment.

Explanation: Pneumonia  and its complications

Now we are explaining how it is dangerous in men women babies and newborn babies. It is also most dangerous for animals just as cows bellow sheep and horses It is dangerous for pet birds
just like in humans it is very harmful for human male-female babies and newborn babies. In males, it effects the whole body. It affects the lungs directly and his else also affects the body temperature patients feel fever and body pain and tiredness secondly it creat a cough and pains his the ribs and feels difficulty breathing during pregnancy it is very harmful to the flutes it is a great complication in pregnancy. In new born babies, it is very dangerous for newborn babies’ lives. Many babies miss their life in this disease. A very high percentage is found in death ratios

In animals, it is very harmful to animals and humans. If you are thinking it is harmful to animals every body can stand it but how it is harmful to humans? For humans, it is very dangerous for human economics. In cows, it is very dangerous for the cows’ lives. Cows’ body effect by pneumonia which raises the body temp and effected cows to lose their appetite lose weight feel fever breath suffocating feel weakness tired ness lose motion. These all things affect the cow’s body. It baffles its effect very much on it. Many animals d destroyed by this disease. In sheep, it is very harmful to these animals.


In pet birds, it is very harmful to the birds and the human. Because human keeps the birds for their benefit. When the birds expire with pneumonia they carry a big loss .bird expire there are some important symptoms found in them.
Parrots in parrots first of all feel fever see laziness lose their appetite and lose their weight if the care is not continued the end of the bird is expire. we should consult the birds expert
Pigeons In the pigeons we also see the large scale of effect the birds. Just like the parrots he looks lazy, tired ness fever lose their appetite lose the weight if the care is not done the birds can expire
in other birds same these conditions see the birds,
This disease spread in the winter and snowfalling season and region. Especially from December to March. Newborn babies are most affected by the pneumonia.

Definition of pneumonia

Pneumonia is the inflammation or infection of the lung. it affects the lungs and the nearby areas
Candain says pneumonia is the swelling of one or both lungs. it starts with the bacteria
fever 2 redness of chicks 3redness of nose 4 pain of intra ribs 5 restlessness 6 loss of weight 7 loss of appetite 8 loss of motion these are very common symptoms. In veterinary same signs and symptoms are found in animals.

Pneumonia  Treatment

in the treatment we see that if the birds see lazy we should provide the heat if possible provide the sun heat. If this is not possible then we arrange the artificial light energy sever etc . and cover the cage with a polythene sheet and gave the fresh water and mix some sugar in the water leave the birds for 2 to 3 hours when you provide water compound and gave the heat the effected birds feel thirsty and feel hungry you should care this point you should not give the feed you gave the only water if you gave the feed the bird can expire .when you feel the bird use the thirst he drink the water he became active then you can start the treatment
first of all, you see the bird’s weight if the weight is very low then you take care and start the treatment carefully

Pneumonia  Medicines

In antibiotics, you can give the amoxil ampicillin novitiate tetracycline country
In painkillers youcan gave them in the form of paracetamol calpol dollar pon stan
In the homeopathic way of treatment
aconite napless
in this patient feel the fear of death 2 watery green stool 3 acute pneumonia this medicines large amount
signs and symptoms red ness restlessness severe pain in the strat This medicine can be used

this is very important in homeopathic medicine. in acute cases we can use it for redness restlessness loss motion tightness of muscles high fever heat this is used for heat loss of function and swelling these are the main symptoms
Ferrum for is made of iron phosphate after it made potency from it it is also proper medicine for pneumonia. it has redness just like the belladonna restlessness fever pain etc.
It is a very important medicine
homeopathic It has many symptoms of pneumonia redness restlessness fever etc
this medicine has very typical symptoms of pneumonia it is specially
used in aggravation with movements fever pain restlessness mouth dryness thirst to normal water constipation stool passed in difficult and black color this medicine is very used fully in pneumonia this medicine is very important in homeopathic treatment.
patient of this medicine is very weak and rests less. We can use this medicine in chronic conditions this remedy is used in different potency.
It is a very useful full remedy for pneumonia and Leprosy we use it in acute and chronic conditions. The important symptoms are here. first of all redness in the affected areas are become red and hot if the doctor touches the affected area the hand of the doctor is burnt lightly conditioning it. patient, feeling thirsty. And feel restlessness and fever is the other important symptom of pneumonia. So it is the very used full medicine in the acute and chronic pneumonia.

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